Elevator Hopper for Feeding Parts in Hard To Reach Areas

Standard Features

  • Removable cleats.
  • Chain driven for long life.
  • Machined plastic belt.
  • Belt width is 6”.
  • Cleat Spacing is 5.25”.
  • Cleats are 3” tall.
  • Clear polycarbonate cover to see product as it travels.
  • Machine casters for easy maneuverability.
  • Vertical lift for compact floor plan usage.
  • Reduces manual labor by automatically tending the parts feeders.
  • Reduce injury risk with a low product dump height.
  • Stack light indicators to let the operator know feeder levels are low.
  • E-stop and other safety features.
  • Machine guards in place.
  • Safety sensors.
  • All parts machined from billed aluminums, steels and stainless.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel to prevent corrosion issues.
  • All parts that can be will be coated for corrosion prevention.
  • Stainless steel parts bin.
  • Solid aluminum base for machine rigidity.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy clean up and maintenance.
  • Set up, install and training on site.
  • Product manual (digital and hard copy) that will include recommended ware parts, and daily maintenance.
  • Power requirements 110/120V.

Feed the Machine

Custom built for the ammunition industry, this conveyor is made to move heavy parts in a continuous duty environment.

The modular side wall design allows you to add or remove length of the conveyor at any time in 1–2-foot sections.

One of the biggest problems in the ammunition production process is keeping machines full of product. Every time the machine stops due to lack of product your overall daily, weekly, and monthly production numbers are lowered. If you can always feed the machine this eliminates one of the many things that can cause a machine to stop.

With a product load height lower than 48” this will eliminate the risks employers have with feeding product to tall machinery.

Stack lights can be added to the conveyor for better hopper status visibility. You will be able to know the status of the hopper from across the shop floor. This can also be wired into a remote call button that can pop up a light on the previous machines station to tell them the next machine needs product.

Cleat Features

Cleats are made from black ABS plastic. These cleats are replaceable and can be taken out or added depending on the job at hand.

One System, Many Solutions

Feed Live Ammo

Feed Cases (Rifle or Pistol)

Feed Bullets (Rifle or Pistol)

Various capabilities with one system making this one of the most flexible machines on the market. Other parts that can be fed include: partially drawn tubes, copper jackets, case cups, and more.