OTM-4000 T&T

The OTM-4000 T&T comes standard with an OTM-200A feed system. This is a 20” feeder, OTM feeders have been proven in the industry to be safe, reliable, and effective at keeping production rates up. Feeder is controlled on the main PLC and has low bowl indicators which let the operator know when the feeder needs to be filled.

This also increases accuracy of the part and reduces the amount of wear on the cases. Instead of running through the feeder and collets twice, now they only need one operation.

With this machine combining the two operations into one you can double your output. The conventional way is having two machines running at 60 PPM doing head turn and trim in each machine. The OTM way, you now have the same 2 machines worth of floor space and running at 60 PPM completed cartridges per machine. Total output is 120 PPM complete.


  • Machine combines two separate machines by turning the head turn and the mouth of the case at the same time.
  • All cam operated off two motors.
  • Machine built for long life.
  • Quick change tooling pods.
  • Increased OAL to head turn location accuracy.
  • Stack light indicators to let the operator know feeder levels are low.
  • Large touch screen PLC for machine controls.
  • Internet connectivity for offsite machine troubleshooting.
  • E-stop and other safety features.
  • Machine guarding in ¼” clear polycarbonate.
  • Safety sensors on machine guarding.
  • All parts machined from billed aluminums, steels and stainless.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel to prevent corrosion issues.
  • All parts that can be will be coated for corrosion prevention.
  • Solid steel frame and no blind holes to prevent areas where primer compound can gather and cause danger.
  • Using solid steel instead of square tubing also adds weight which leads to machine rigidity.
  • Smooth surfaces and removeable guarding to ensure easy clean up and maintenance.
  • All steel parts will be heat treated and surface ground to prevent premature ware.
  • Product manual (digital and hard copy) that will include recommended ware parts, and daily maintenance.
  • 60 PPM run rate.
  • Power requirements 110V.
  • Design modeled around the old Bliss No. 30.

The OTM-4000 T&T was built with 24/7 production in mind; we know down time costs companies money. That is why we strive to reduce jam points, operator adjustments, physical labor, and tooling change overs. As a hands off approach mentality, we know it is key to have great safety and check and measure mechanisms.

Also available: the OTM-4250 T&T for 50 BMG – 20MM Vulcan. Built on the same principles and with the same quality as the OTM-4000 T&T.