OTM-200A / OTM-200B

The OTM 20” feeder models are constructed for smaller to medium sized machines with low to medium volume and feed rate requirements. Generally made for 380 ACP to 223 cases under 200 PPM, 308 to 338 Lapua cases under 100 PPM. Bullet feed rates for 380 ACP to 223 range from 150 to 200 PPM. Larger bullets from 308 to 50 Cal range from 100 to 150 PPM. Standard orientation of parts for our feeders is base or primer first. Standard orientation of parts offers faster lead times on whole feed systems and caliber change overs.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel wall.
  • Standard billet aluminum machined components.
  • Motor protection system.
  • Servo motor with planetary gear drive.
  • PLC controller.
  • Proximity ring sensor.
  • IP 65 rated motor and PLC connections.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Teflon tubing.
  • Caliber change over kit. (handles/shims)

Additional Features (extra charge):

  • Black Hard Coat Anodize.
  • Stands with custom colors.
  • Custom drive shaft/motor mount plate for OEM’s.
  • Custom part orientation.
  • Custom part discharge.