The OTM-600ML comes standard with an OTM-200A feed system. This is a 20” feeder for live ammo at 60-70 PPM. OTM feeders have been proven in the industry to be safe, reliable, and effective at keeping production rates up. Feeder is controlled on the main PLC.

This machine comes with two different options:  Electric includes a cam on an electric motor to insert the cartridge, or a pneumatic option which is cheaper but requires 110v and an air compressor.

To ensure that you can’t run the machine without having a magazine in the mag well, there is a proximity sensor that will not let themachine operate until it sees a magazine. Proximity sensors prevent operation unless magazines are present.

The mags are changed using the same AR-15 mag release button for easy quick change over. Machine will fill a full 30 round magazine in under 15 seconds. Its as easy as loading the cartridges from your box into the mag loaders feed system and hitting the cycle start button.



  • OTM-200A feed system.
  • Quick change magazine.
  • Touch screen PLC for machine controls.
  • E-stop and other safety features.
  • Designed to be light weight and portable.
  • All parts machined from billed aluminums, steels and stainless.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel to prevent corrosion issues.
  • All parts that can be will be coated for corrosion prevention.
  • Using solid steel instead of square tubing also adds weight which leads to machine rigidity.
  • All parts have smooth surfaces and are removeable for easy clean up and maintenance.
  • All steel parts will be heat treated and surface ground to prevent premature wear.
  • Product manual (digital and hard copy) will include recommended ware parts, and daily maintenance.
  • 1 mag every 15 seconds run rate.
  • Power requirements 110V.
  • Air requirements 100 PSI. (Optional, see above)

The OTM-600ML was built for ranges and training centers. Loading magazines can be tedious and lead to fatigue, which can discourage people from shooting. Down time between training will be virtually eliminated due to the ease of use from the OTM-600ML.