The OTM-2000PM comes standard with an OTM-240A feed system. The 24” feeder is equipped with primer presents check camera to assure only empty primer pockets are fed. OTM feeders have been proven in the industry to be safe, reliable, and effective at keeping production rates up. Feeder is controlled on the main PLC and has low bowl indicators which let the operator know when the feeder needs to be filled.

Using robotics we can provide a primer hopper feed system, allowing the operator to load up the primer hopper for up to 30 mins of operation. Freeing up an operator to focus on finished goods and quality inspections.

To ensure that primers are inserted correctly, there are various checks that are done in process to ensure an accurate finish product. Before the case enters the machine the feeder has an inspection station to check for primer presents. After the primer has been inserted there will be an optical check to validate the primer was correctly installed. On the primer slide there is also an optical check to validate whether or not there is an or if there is an upside down primer. Multiple optical check systems in place to ensure finished products are ready for use.


  • Continuous motion primer insertion machine.
  • Sound enclosure.
  • OTM-240A feed system.
  • Various checks and bad part eject process.
  • Quick change tooling.
  • Rotary cartridge insert that is mechanically timed to prevent from having operator adjustment.
  • Stack light indicators to let the operator know feeder levels are low.
  • Large touch screen PLC for machine controls.
  • Internet connectivity for offsite machine troubleshooting.
  • E-stop and other safety features.
  • Machine guards in place.
  • Safety sensors.
  • All parts machined from billed aluminums, steels and stainless.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel to prevent corrosion issues.
  • All parts that can be will be coated for corrosion prevention.
  • Solid steel frame.
  • Solid steel for machine rigidity.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy clean up and maintenance.
  • Set up, install and training on site.
  • Product manual (digital and hard copy) that will include recommended ware parts, and daily maintenance.
  • 240 PPM run rate.
  • Operator protection safety shield around primer feeder.
  • Power requirements 110V.

The OTM-2000PM was built for continuous production along with numerous safety, checks and measure systems to ensure highest quality products in the least amount of time.